Best Laid Plans

Holidays, pretty sure these are meant to be relaxing and up until last week this was looking to be the case. Back in January Mystery DIY Man and I decided to jump on a chance to explore a little bit more of the globe. The Mothership (and Dad) are off to New York and then the UK in July, so we’re off to catch up with them in the UK. Since we’re all the way over there we figured we might as well go have a look at a few things. A few things very quickly grew to quite a number of things and before we knew it we had booked ourselves on a 36 day TopDeck Tour – the European Pioneer (I liked the name). We also added a little tour in Dubai and almost two weeks with the parentals in the UK. We patted ourselves on the back for dreaming up a holiday idea and having it booked and paid for within 4days. Smug.

Oh, how the mighty fall.

Just over a week ago I got the dreaded call ‘oh, hi, your tour has been cancelled – do you want to go on these other ones?’. What?! Apparently there were not enough people on the tour for it to go ahead. So, would I like to go on a different tour? No. Sadly, just digging in my heels and having a bit of a tanty isn’t really an option. Cue a couple of hours of being a generally disagreeable toddler, followed up with bit of help (and a kind word or two) from IT Guy the world started to get a bit rosier. So, what were we going to do? Do any of the other tours actually work for us? Thankfully, the answer to that was yes. Enter the Grand European tour, whilst shorter and through fewer countries I am sure it will still be quite enough time on a bus for my liking. The new problem is now what to do with the spare time between the tour and our flights to Dubai? Here the saying the world’s your oyster is not helpful. There are so many options. Morocco? Greece? Croatia? Egypt? Oh dear.

Somehow we think we have manage to firstly agree on an option, have it fit with the other plans and manage to get it booked (we think!). It was all very eleventh hour (travel agent on bereavement leave, delayed refunds – you name it), but we should be on a cruise through the Baltic Sea and I get to go to Russia. I’d like to say that planning holidays is relaxing and easy, but I’d be lying. By the time I step on the plane I’ll be exhausted and will need a good holiday.

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