T Minus 14

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…

Looks like we made it, less than 24hrs before we hop on the big metal bird and fly into the sunset. When we booked the the tickets 6months ago it seemed like ages away, but like anything that requires effort the last week went far too quickly. But, to echo John Denver, all my bags are indeed packed and within their allotted measurements. Kiwiana-esque gifts have been collected, electronic toys stowed away, house tidied – what else could possibly need sorting? I figure the answer to that is nothing – so I am off for a delicious dinner before I subject myself to plane food for the next 36hours. I’m however secretly hoping for some fine dining courtesy of Emirates, or at the very least a lukewarm bread roll and a glass of orange juice (pioneering luxury).

Keep your eyes peeled for the next fun installment where I will quite likely be completely sleep deprived and in the other hemisphere.
Keep classy Dunedin – see you when you’re warm again.


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