So we went to Manchester and everyone always tells you what a horrible place it is. We were only there 2 nights but I thought it was lovely. However, I can safely say that I wouldn’t be sorry to see another brick house.

We explored the city on Monday morning only to discover things don’t really open until about 11am but that aside we found some tasty scones with hot drinks to fuel the touristing machine. Fueled up on Manchester’s finest from the Northern Quarter we went in search of the cathedral. We found the cathedral (under construction) and some delightful Manchester weather. The heavens opened up and we got saturated… Luckily we were prepared with our £4.99 umbrella and some rain coats.

The weather continued all day with some very impressive thunder storms (wasn’t sure quite how much the Mothership would enjoy her flight in). After the cathedral we continued the under construction tour and visited the town hall (amazing vaulted ceiling Gothic walkways like Hogwarts) and very classy looking library. We got cultured up in the art gallery and got a lesson on making compound bows at the Manchester Museum. I hope the Boss left hers unstrung for at least 4years.

Attempting to remain classy (hard work) we were taken out for afternoon tea and experienced what can only be described as ‘smoked fish tea’. Mystery DIY Man was checked out as a brother – he passed the interview. Then we went off to explore the Trafford Centre where one of our tour guides worked. This place can only be described as being out of Las Vegas. Very ostentatious with Romanesque statues everywhere and the largest chandelier in Europe.

No trip to Manchester would be complete (according to the interwebs) without a trip to Curry Mile so a very obliging tour guide took us there and past granddad’s childhood home.

We can also say we have had at least one big breakfast of the Scottish variety. We were treated to the most amazing spread including potato pancakes, beans, square sausage, eggs, toast and the best black pudding I’ve ever tasted.

Thanks Manchester Tour Guides for the hospitality, entertainment and food. It was great.


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