Cumbria, thou art quite pretty

Mystery DIY Man and I have successfully navigated 3 trains to get from Manchester to Windermere. We met up with the parental units and their hire car and started to explore the Lake District (along with everyone else in Cumbria).

Since there is a pub on every corner we feel it is our duty to stop at every corner. With this in mind we stopped in Bowness for a little pub lunch and some refreshments. Again I attempted to order a lemon, lime and bitters to completely blank stares. I should probably give up this mission. The pub was right next door to Beatrix Potter World, so we popped in and I relived a little bit of childhood.

We battled some beautiful narrow country lanes (filled with tour buses) and arrived at the little village of Hawkshead where we stayed at the Queens Head Inn for two nights. Our room came with an authentic wooden beam to bash your head on if you were more gifted in the height department. The village was very idyllic with tiny cobbled paths and oddly intersecting buildings. Sadly at this point my camera decided to eat my photos so I guess I’ll have to go back one day (what a shame).

To celebrate Mum getting older we went on a walk up 1099ft from Ambleside. We got some great views of Lake Windermere and Grasmere. As well as some RAF flybys and William Wordsworth’s cottage. We headed back to dinner via the famous Grasmere Gingerbread shop and the Hawkshead Brewery (now in Stavely). The brewery had a special on, ‘NZPA’. I wonder if NZ hops give it a hugely different flavour?

We headed north out of Cumbria yesterday which is where I will leave this story.


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