To be or not to be

We’re in Shakespeare Country (although not for much longer) and have seen many many Shakespeare sights. We went exploring in Stratford-on-Avon yesterday. Visited the birth place of Shakespeare which had some lovely handcut wooden beams and of course a gift shop. Everyone needs a gift shop for all their Shakespeare paraphernalia. After escaping the shop we headed off to find Shakespeare stuff – next stop Nash’s House and New Place. They had a lovely knot garden here and the Mothership decided her dream job would be to look after a garden like it. Wishful thinking.

Next stop was ‘Shakespeare’s church’ which because it was Sunday was busy so we wandered around in the rain for a while before deciding we should go off in search of Ann Hathaway’s cottage. Which has some rather lovely examples of thatching. By this stage it was time for a little break and clotted cream was on the menu which generally seems to be accompanied by scones and tea. What a hardship.

After the light refreshments we figured we’d go and explore Warwick Castle. Sadly in the last 21 years it has become very commercialised but we did get to see the largest trebuchet in the world fire a flaming rock and some fousting (aka really fake jousting). As well as some interesting archery outfits – I must ask The Boss if she’d like one.

Stratford also allowed me a chance to catch up with my old eupho teacher and catch up on all the gossip. Also saw some of Britain’s finest get into a fight by the canal – which consisted of 5 teenage boys leaping round like morons.

Now we’re off through the Cotswolds bound for Oxford and then London. The big tour starts tomorrow at 6am.


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