More cowbell!

Can you ever have too much cowbell? I think not. We have just been to Switzerland, we were based in Lauterbrunnen. It is a very picturesque country, but it did remind me a lot of a slightly greener Otago. We’re very spoilt living in New Zealand.

A few things I learned about Switzerland (mostly about cows). Firstly if you have seven milkable cows you can call yourself a dairy farmer and the government will give you 80,000CHF per year and you don’t have to pay tax. Secondly, up until recently farmers used to put THC in their feed – meaning you got very laid back cows. It increases milk production in humans by 300% so I guess it might have a similar increase in cows.  The Swiss helicopter stuff everywhere… including cows. They are also very proactive with their defences meaning most airports are disguised so they can’t be attacked from above.

I think that’s enough about Switzerland. We stayed in cabins near the base of the Jungfrau (highest peak in Europe). We arrived in some rather wet weather but you still got a good impressive if just how massive the rock walls were everywhere. The skies opened up and the waterfalls everywhere were in fine form. Reminded me very much of a rather soggy trip to Milford Sound. We had an evening of fondue and today pork for tea.

The campsite had a little bar that had been decorated by all its previous visitors. After a night in there the other tour that is following us around at the moment were looking a little off. But the rest of us were all ready to head off for today’s adventures. Mystery DIY Man and I had a date with the top of Europe. There is a rather impressive cog train that takes you up through the mountains to the top then a speedy elevator to take you to the summit. As the weather and visibility was poor at the bottom we were hoping we might get up through the clouds to see the rest of the Alps.  Sadly it wasn’t to be (the sky divers also missed out on jumping due to the weather) and all we saw view wise was white. There is still quite a lot to do while up there. We managed to spend 2hrs up there in ice palaces and various other attractions. I also finally caught up on some postcards (should keep IT Guy happy).

Even though we had eaten our packed lunch we were still a little peckish once we were back down the mountain so we headed off in search of a bratwurst, rosti and Swiss hot chocolate. We were successful.

Before heading back to the bar for a nightcap (and very expensive lemonade. Cheaper to buy a bottle of wine than a glass of lemonade) we walked up to explore a nearby waterfall. Was pretty cool because you could walk through the mountain just behind the waterfall. The wind changed and we got saturated. As we were up there the sun started to set and the clouds finally cleared. Was quite a sight to see.

Murphy’s law told us the following day as we left Switzerland the weather would be stunning. He didn’t disappoint. Next stop Avignon, France.


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