Nice in Nice

This trip seems to throw you a bone just when you need it. I’d started to get a bit worn out and then we drove to Nice which is nice and relaxing. Very much lifestyles of the rich and famous, but we managed to survive.

We started off the visit to the region with a tour through Fangroud (I think that’s the spelling) perfume factory. The boys very quickly got over the smelling test.

Driving into Nice we got a good view of all the private jets at the airport – I wonder who was in town? We both had quite a sleep-in before exploring Nice. It reminds me a lot of Mount Manganui on steroids. We had to be reasonably domestic and find a laundromat to do some washing. Opposite was a little pizzeria we thought we’d try out. In not sure why we bothered ordering because the lovely Italian chef just gave us something different anyway. Pizza was beautiful and I’m now prepared for Italy. With the washing done we headed off in search of the beach via a very stuffed tram. The water was warm and a beautiful blue color, I guess the name Côte d’Azure is a bit of a giveaway there. Again I’m reminded now lucky we are in NZ where you can go to a beach and not lie on top of five other people.

For those that like a flutter we spent the evening in Monaco at the Grand Casino. Mystery DIY Man and I only lasted long enough to look at the ornate decorations before heading out in search of dinner. We found a lovely wee place on the beach front where we practised the french art of people watching. We also had a yummy gorgonzola, bacon and potato tart on a green salad. Must work out how to replicate it at home. Monaco was an interesting place, very impressive roads to get you down the steep hills. The harbour was full of ridiculously large boats trying to outdo each other. I’m pretty sure most were larger than the parental’s house. For those that are into flash cars there were also plenty of them driving round, making sure they were seen.

Now back on the bus bound for Florence with a quick stop off at a certain leaning tower.


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