Relaxation Time

As a reward for surviving until this point we got to spend 3 nights on Pag Island, Croatia.  We caught a ferry over to the island which looked like something from the moon. Covered in white/orange rocks with no vegetation to be seen. By the time you reach there other side of the island there is suddenly habitation and vegetation.

I have always wanted to go to Croatia, in particular Dubrovnik. Pag Island appears to be Croatia’s answer to Ibiza, so perhaps a bit too fun for me? Our accommodation was in a great location in the middle of the harbour, walking distance to everything.

To recover from the TopDeck bus sickness we were coming down with Mystery DIY Man and I had a quiet couple of days. Lots of swimming, wandering, 500 and a couple of nights at Zrce Beach (for the more exciting among us.. Mystery DIY Man).

I’d like to think we are now all refreshed for the rest of the trip. I’d be lying. Sleeping is for the plane.

Back to Slovenia – apparently we only have 10 days left on the Top Deck tour. It has gone really quickly.


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