Adventuring in Austria

From Slovenia we traveled into Austria, one of the tunnels in was shut so we ended up visiting four countries in one day.

We got to stop off enroute at Lake Bled where in the reason we hired a boat and rowed to Bled Island to see Bled Church and ring the fertility bell. We managed to arrive just as a tour load of Chinese ladies started ringing the bell. It’s quite a popular bell and must drive the locals mad.

In Austria we started in the Tyrol area just outside of St Johann in Tirol. Our accommodation was a traditional guest house complete with feather pillows and duvets (it’s the little things). Sadly the weather had turned up its toes, probably because it knew everyone wanted to do weather dependant adventure sports the following day.

Mystery DIY Man had booked to go canyon jumping, which luckily was the only thing that went ahead. He got to do a 9m jump which kept him reasonably amused. We spent the afternoon in St Johann in Tirol having lunch and wandering. Sadly the weather was hiding all the views of the Alps. But we did get to have a mountainside dinner of traditional Austrian fare. Mystery DIY Man had some Bambi and I had a rosti with bacon. Delicious.

Leaving Austria we stopped off at Mauthausen, one of the last concentration camps to be liberated at the end of WWII. Even seeing the place doesn’t give you a full appreciation of all that happened there. It was completely mind boggling, I found the irony of the swimming pool for the guards just outside huge.


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