Prague, Praha, Pragu

I’m not sure what I was expecting from the Czech Republic, but it certainly delivered. As you can imagine there are plenty of communist era reminders everywhere. But they seem to be clawing back their identity.

We started off with an evening walking tour, Prague is beautiful by night. We took in a fair few sights by night before heading to the 5 Storey Nightclub. I was coming down with Topdeck SARS so rather than partying all night we opted for an ice cream before heading back to sleep.

We got up bright and early (not like the clubbers.. ) and caught the tram to Prague Castle. Saw the changing of the guard, which was a bit relaxed – perhaps they perk up later in the day? The castle has yet another great vantage point, I’m beginning to see a theme, which we used to plot our day’s course. I only had one goal for the day which was to locate some of the marionette shops I had heard about. So that was our next challenge, turned out to be reasonably easy and showed us a Gingerbread Museum and write possibly every souvenir shop in the castle sector. To keep us going we found some spiral donut thing being cooked on a spit – apparently it is a Hungarian thing. Keep up the good work Hungary.

A couple of the marionette shops were at the base of the Charles Bridge, so we crossed over that into Old Town. The bridge was full of artists trying to sell their work, but my favourite was an old guy on a barrel organ. He even had a CD. Once in Old Town we attempted to get ourselves lost in the house we would stumble across a cool place for lunch. Another great success. We managed to find a restaurant that operates out of the one cellars of a nearby church. The food was amazing, possibly some of the best on the trip and luckily some of the cheapest as well.

Our next stop was the Communism Museum – lots of propaganda. By this stage the bus sickness had caught up with me and I’d lost my voice. But thanks to a sneaky Virgin Pina Colada I resurrected it for the rest of the afternoon.

Mystery DIY Man had seen a pewter beer mug earlier in the morning that he wanted, so we’d spent the morning trying to find a cheaper one. Turns out it was the only one in town so we headed back to buy it. Or not. Apparently the shop was closed for stock take. To console ourselves we grabbed some street food (hot ham on the spit) for dinner and headed home. The search will continue in London for the beer tankard.


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