Cruising to the other side (or Sweden)

We’ve been busy since leaving Berlin. Somewhere in there we visited Dresden, coming into Berlin if I remember correctly. We had the famous Currywursts and they were grand (sausage in curry sauce). We drove from Berlin to Amsterdam which I plan to write about later when I get back there… Mystery DIY Man did get called Funny Looking Man by a cheese making clog making Dutchman though.

We left Amsterdam as quickly as we had arrived and flew back to Hamburg to catch a train to Kiel, northern Germany. In Kiel we hopped on our 7 day Baltic Sea cruise. Cruising is a new experience for us and we’re not 100% sure about it yet. We’re missing all the company from the coach tour, but enjoying having one room for 7 nights. Elvis comes and makes our bed while we are at breakfast and then during dinner he turns it down again. Hopefully I don’t get to attached to this service.

Our first port of call was Stolkholm, I was very pleased to have my feet on dry land again. I got a tad seasick on a massive cruiser liner! Rather than taking a tour we had opted to walk around to Vasa Museum. It was a stunning walk through Stockholm’s finest in beautiful weather. There were police and security teams everywhere with loads of roads blocked off. We later found it was because Obama was in town due to a security issue in St Petersburg. We safely made it to the museum just after opening and walked straight into a guided 15min tour. The Vasa is a ship built in Stockholm in the early 16th century. It sunk about 1200m into its maiden voyage, killing about 30 people. It then lay on the seabed until the sixties when it was finally raised. The ship is amazing to look at and has quite an interesting story around it. Basically it blew over in the wind because it was too tall and narrow with a high centre of gravity. It also had all its gun ports open to fire a salute, these filled with water and the rest is history.

After the Vasa we walked back to Gamla Stan (Old Town) where I managed to sniff out a brass band parading. Turns out it was the palace guard doing their daily show (daily!). We had a bit of a giggle there before meandering on a bit more. I went for a special trip to the cathedral to see the organ – it’s a very large looking organ (not an expert).

I can’t recall how I managed to waste more time but we stopped off at the photography museum on the way back to the ship. I saw many books I’d like to buy but managed to resist temptation.


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