Tallinn and Estonian haircuts

I’d never really hard of Tallinn until last year when my granddad, Poppy, visited there on a cruise. Long story short he got stuck in Tallinn for a few days and it made a lasting impression. He passed away in the first week of our trip, but he had been quite excited to hear I was going to go visit Tallinn.

Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia and has quite a remarkable Old Town with structures from the eleventh century and older. We obviously arrived in the town before everything started for the day so we spent an hour just wandering around. At 10am St Olav’s Church opened up. We paid €2 each to haul ourselves up the narrowest and steepest spiral staircase I’ve found yet. Turns out it had two-way traffic which was a tad interesting to deal with. By the time we made it to the top we were 60m up (it felt like more) and standing at the base of the church spire. There was a narrow couple of boards to walk around but that was about it. There were a few people frozen with fear at the top and no where to overtake them. It provided an amazing view over Tallinn and was more than worth the €2.

The view from the tower had shown us a whole section of the town we hadn’t seen so we went and did that. Saw some more churches and a tower called Kiek in de Kök (or as Mystery DIY Man eloquently put it Kick in the Cock). This actually translates to something like ‘look in the kitchens’. By now it was time for Mystery DIY Man’s Estonian haircut. Apparently he was sick of being fluffy. I sat and watched as more and more of his hair came off, I was a bit worried about how well the explanation had gone. It is now much shorter than he usually has.. Perhaps his beard will end up longer? Someone on the cruise has since asked if he was Russian.

Poppy had always found the name of one of the defence towers, Fat Margaret, hilarious. So I thought I’d better visit it. It is now being used as the maritime museum.


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