The Little Mermaid and a lack of cones

Last port of call on the cruise ship – Copenhagen. We had two missions in Copenhagen: eat a danish and a Copenhagen cone. We failed on both counts. What we did see however was the Little Mermaid and a very cool star shaped citadel – it even had a big windmill.

We did manage to complete one European mission in Copenhagen. We successfully found the requested signalling mirrors.

Mirrors collected we wandered around Rosenberg Slot and made our way to Nyhavn to see the coloured buildings. I wanted to visit the Lego store so we managed to find that as well. Sadly you can’t buy cool minifigs by themselves so I wasn’t able to fuel the addiction. While we were out and about we also saw the main palace (the royals were in), parliament and Christiania. Christiania is an odd place, I’ve been calling it Hippy Land. It was an experience, perhaps not one to be repeated.

After seeing all the sights we headed back to the boat where I had a cocktail (or two). Apparently the cocktail didn’t agree with me and we ended up in the ship’s hospital attempting to explain to a lovely Italian doctor my allergic reaction symptoms. The question remains – what is it that I’m allergic to?


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