London Bridge is falling down… Sing along

London has left us exhausted, I’m not sure how we will survive Dubai. We arrived 2 nights ago via Eurostar from Amsterdam and since then it has been go go go.

After we dumped our bags at the hotel it was straight back on to the tube to the West End. We had a date with Monty Python in the form of Spam-alot. Truly hilarious and kept Mystery DIY Man entertained the entire time. We even managed to fit in a trip to Trafalgar Square and the Admiralty. Very time efficient.

Our first full day saw us head to St Paul’s Cathedral where we climbed 500+ steps to the Whispering Gallery, the Stone Gallery and the Golden Gallery. It is well worth the steps for the view. Mystery DIY Man particularly enjoyed seeing the military tombs (Nelson and Wellington). The cathedral has a completely different feel to it compared with Westminster. It is much lighter and friendlier. After looking through the crypt we headed back to the tube for a quick visit to Harrods. This place is not for the faint hearted, so we didn’t last very long. We instead headed for the NZ War Memorial. Turned out the Palace Guards were also out for a visit so we caught the Changing of the Guard as well. Very successful morning.

From Buckingham Palace we wandered back to the Churchill War Rooms and I stalked some squirrels on the way. I got up close and personal with a couple of the fluffy pests. The War Rooms were really interesting, I had never really thought about what Churchill did pre and post war.

My feet were killing me by now but we hadn’t had our museum fill for the day so went to the British Museum where I saw the Lewis Chessmen and the Rosetta Stone, plus some other stuff. And then it was off again to St Paul’s for Evensong (after downing a very hot bowl of soup in 2 main). I’ve been desperate to hear the St Paul’s choir for a while and I wasn’t disappointed (I’m not sure about Mystery DIY Man though). Also managed to fit in a quick visit to M+M World for a good friend. Before meeting an old flatmate for another night in the West End, this time we saw Matilda. The cast is full of amazingly talented kids. They sing, dance and look cute all at once, Mrs Trunchbull was also fantastic. Nothing like a man in drag to make a musical memorable. I think I could get quite used to seeing a different musical every few weeks.

Phew – that was day one. Today, day two was equally jammed packed. We started off at the Globe Theatre where they were rehearsing for a play. It was looking very interesting with tinsel and spandex everywhere. We then rushed off to Buckingham Palace hopeful to see the guards again – fail. They were not changing today, lazy beggers. So back we went to the London Bridge for the London Bridge and Tombs Experience, and what an experience it was. It is a bit like Spookers, very dark with ghouls leaping out at you etc. I learned a few things, if you boil a head with cumin seeds the crows won’t pick at it, and you should also stuff the head with tar to stop the bits falling out. The second half of the tour is meant to be very scary so the rest of the tour bailed and left the two of us. This meant every single scary thing attacked me… Mystery DIY Man had a whale of a time.
Below London Bridge is the Borough Farmer’s markets so we stopped off for a delicious BBQ Chorizo roll before attacking the Tower of London. Did you know there are 20 towers in the Tower of London? I didn’t either, but our extremely knowledgable (and hilarious) Yeoman Guard, David Coleman did. If you ever visit the Tower you must get a tour with one of these guys. David was a Regimental Sergeant Major in the Guards and boy could he yell. I don’t think you get to that sort of rank without being a bit of a character either. If you like shiny things the tower is also good for a visit as it houses the crown jewels. Very sparkly. We figured we should also go and visit the Tower Bridge while we were there, so we did that and got another lovely view over London.

I know we saw more than I can remember now, but those are the highlights. There is much more out there to be seen so I guess we’ll just have to come back…. Once my feet recover from all the walking.

One country left before home time now.


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