Madame – would you like a pashmina?

I think my enduring memory of Dubai may be the number of pashminas that were offered to me. Mystery DIY Man will apparently remember Dubai as the place he decided he wanted a musket.

Dubai has been great, everyone seems to want to help you (even if they’re getting paid to do it). After arriving at the airport a shuttle was waiting for us (I finally had my name on a sign). Or hotel was quite new and probably one of the better ones on the whole trip.

We went out on the metro to see the Burj Kalifa and Dubai Mall. World’s tallest building, biggest mall, longest single run elevator (and I think fastest)… Blah blah you get the idea. Going up the tower was pretty cool, great view of The World – something that’s always fascinated me. Other than that we wandered around a very large mall complete with ice rink and aquarium.

The afternoon was spent on a tour seeing Dubai. We saw the Burj Arab then the Jamiera Mosque before stopping off at the Dubai Museum. It’s well worth the stop and we both learned lots about Bedouins. After that we headed out for a trip on a traditional water taxi and to see some old buildings built from coral. Very cool.

We finished off the tour at the Spice Souk and then the Gold Souk, where I practised my bargaining and haggling skills. I suspect my mother may disown me. At both markets I was offered at least one pashmina per minute.

We’re currently making the rather long trek home. Part 1 is complete. I’d probably write more if I could string a coherent thought together.


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